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David Piccioni Interview

David Piccioni Interview

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1. How was the opening? Anything that stood out from the opening party?
Yes, our robot man. He cames out on the floor 9 foot high with blue neon lights bellowing smoke, then showered the flace with fireworks - excellent!

2. You have done a few weeks at space now – how does the move from El Divino feel?
It feels like we have 'arrived'. The party now is really what we want it to be, and its great fun.

3. What party or moment has been the highlight so far and why?
I think seeing Francois K loving playing to our crowd felt grreat for me. He is a master of his craft, and to have his seal of approval for the party meant a lot to me.

4. What have we got to look forward to for the remaining club azuli parties in Ibiza this summer?
Some great interesting djs like Switch and Ame

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